“Of One and Many Worlds”

  Of One and Many Worlds by Rayn Roberts available @ http://www.poeticmatrix.com/title/roberts.aspx Description The Book This collection covers a wide expanse of topics from metaphysical issues about the nature of existence, to suffering, right action, aesthetic experience and how we live our everyday lives. Intellectual honesty, even skepticism, are important parts of the volume. The poet […]

Rayn Roberts On KSER FM 90.7

April 14th 7-7:30 pm. Presented by Poets West    #242 The Poet’s Language         (29.06 minutes)   Notes from a Conversation 1.50 Rajaa Gharbi Reading at the Beach 2.21 Mark Halperin Poetocracy 0.53 Nancy Dahlberg The Words 1.20 Duane Niatum Burnt Offering 0.36 Keith Holyoak Oscar Wilde parable 2.03 Michael Magee Salvage Rights […]