Black Poets Matter @ PoetsWest

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PoetsWest #122
(29.07 minutes)

Introduction by Georgia McDade 0.46
Harriet’s Dream 1.20 Angie Brown LaBaw
Freedom’s Run 1.27 Angie Brown LaBaw
The Movement 1.52 Monique Franklin
Inadequacy of Apology 1.44 Georgia McDade
We Know How to Struggle 2.55 Steven Batts
Sadah Suma Love 1.45 Frenchy Condé-Lamont
Hair 1.44 Brenda Wright
Conversation with God 8.45 Santiago

Oxford Anniversary Album:
Tk20 Bed of Roses by Elysian Field
Tk24 Everybody’s Gotta Live by Arthur Lee
©2010 PoetsWest



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