Temple Stay

Half Moon Over Buseok Temple …

I’ve had enough meditation.
Now, it’s earphones for Lennon’s “Dream # 9”.
I’m reading “Notes from a Spiritual Journey”—
But have to piss… in silence.
The temple bell begins to toll to save all Beings in Hell.

I open my door, walk the hall,
a cock crows in darkness, the moon and stars move
in a cold pool of sky.
“The spirit dance (is) unfolding” in Hell-on-Earth-in Water.

Hours after fitful sleep
I wake to an apple autumn morning
and a bus to nowhere somewhere I think home–

I think I hear the moon question, “Will you stay
with the monks, the sane, or return to hell in the maddening city?”

I am that half-moon moving to fullness.
I coffee up, hesitate, then get on the bus
fall back into the city.

In Seoul in bed I think I hear
the temple bell calling me to meditate
but it’s just the hum of machines
memories knocking my head about, the moon banging on the window.

“Paths: Notes From The Spiritual Journey”:
Editor: Gwyn Henry, Philososphical Library Press, Escondido, CA 2007

Quote: from “Dream #9” by John Lennon

2 thoughts on “Temple Stay

  1. I Really like this piece. The line ‘an apple autumn morning and a bus to nowhere’ is especially fun to roll around the tongue in my brain. Wonderful post.

    Liked by 1 person

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