Are Jimmy Jazz & Iggy Pop Related?

for Jon Wesick

Not to fly a zeppelin over anyone
But Jimmy plays the amped page
With a sandpaper tongue
And Iggy after Morrison
On stage with song and cock
Pops off like no one,
Jazz never whipped it out
Never needed to
Can flash a crowd with his
Ray-gun-shock-talk ‘til they shout
“Squeeze my lemon out
‘Til the juice runs down my leg.”
Or some such squeal.
Ask Robert Johnson why
It’s ecstasy all the same, so
On the purely academic guess
Are the two family, I say
In weird and obvious ways
“Yes.” and more will be revealed.


Rayn Roberts Dec. 2016

Who came first, Iggy or the Pop?

enhanced-buzz-13190-1360164525-1 db_iggypop


The Humiliation of Work by Jimmy Jazz


What has Jimmy Jazz ever done for me?  Nothin’.  I hardly understand him half the time, but then I hardly understand my fucking self half the time.  The times I do get Jimmy is liberating though ’cause if he can say the shit he says the way he says it, I can say anything.  Besides, there’s a little punk in all of us.

 Rock on Bro!


Have a Tao Day.

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