Elegy for Phil


Phil Hayes was murdered in a public park
His killer unknown, a perfect stranger.
The police called it gang related
All his family understands is –He’s gone.
He sacrificed his life for a friend,
That was like him, always facing danger
Stopping a fight, trying to make peace
He didn’t play a hero, he was one,
A Kung Fu San Soo warrior to the end.
I thought he could stop a speeding train
I was wrong, yet he is all of these:
Earth air fire rain, strong as trees, older
Than the memory of death– Kindness
Bravery, he planted these, but lately
He’s where fire is before I strike a match
Where lightning lives before a desert storm.
I thought he could see the future, but no
He never saw the pistol in the hand, nor

The evil in mind,

We are all deaf, dumb and blind
And nothing can cure our disease,
But how he could so kick ass yet
not catch a bullet and throw it back
is beyond me…

“I’ve got your back.” I said, the night before that park.

“Got yours too.” he said, then drove in the dark.



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