Rock Prophecy

Ready for the end of NY City, she wraps it twice in latex, gives it up so easily
Fucks in running shoes, plastic gloves, no jokin’ man, she licks me serpent-like
Whispers lewd shit in my ear, bucks hard, runs, no goodbye, but I hear screams.
You know it’s all a lot of nothin’, her coco kiss, her talk of hippie love, I ain’t worried
I ain’t thinkin’ ‘bout the end, I know it comin’ soon enough, it’s at the break-point.
I hear the revving of death machines, run on some mad scheme, they will fuel it
With your bodies, no more “Come on people, smile on your brother” no more peace
‘Cause the truth is a sideshow now, never what it seems, what they want they get
Handed out by money-gods on money-teams, and when it all comes down, screams
Riots on Wall Street, tanks on Capitol Hill, not mine, not my… American dream.





Have a Tao Day.

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