Bring The Grizzly Bear Back

The North Cascades Mountains are 10,000 Square Miles of Pristine Wilderness, a perfect home for Grizzly Bears that are now nearly gone there.  If Montana can bring them back in only 1500 Square Miles of the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness with success, we can do it in Washington.

Help us, bring back the North Cascades Grizzly Bears.

If you live in Washington or just love bears, use the link below to make a comment. They’re not asking for money, just comments on why you’d like to see the bears come back and we need them today.  Time is running out.

There’s also more like/info below the first link.  Help us.  Thanks much.

 Go Here to Comment… There’s only a day left to make one.



More Info… A Thoughtful Video


Friends of the North Cascades Grizzly

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