Cat Kigerl, with second book, “At the Town Cafe” Appearing with Novelist Bruce Taylor at Green Lake Public Library June 9th 2018 4pm- 5:30pm

Cat Kigerl has a second book out, “At the Town Cafe” and it is a substantial volume of poems, written from the perspective of the poet sitting in a town cafe. These poems written in a town café cover everything we can deal with in the larger world: mortality, the similarities and differences between men and women, our changing relationships with our parents, the human need to connect with nature. The poet takes us to the farthest regions of the human heart in this town cafe. Cat use to live in Mt Shasta, CA, but she’s back in Washington, so we are happy she is with us. Open Mic follows feature. Sign up with Host, Rayn Roberts



“At the Town Cafe is an encore performance after Cat’s  Stirring up the Water, a quiet stirring of wisdom that subtly reflects maturing, meditation, and impermanence without self-assertion or imposition upon the landscapes.”  (Amazon Reviewer)

At the Town Cafe by Cat Kigerl

Bruce Taylor, Magical Realism Novelist per excellence.  Is the other premier feature, a very imaginative writer of short stories and novels.


June 9th 2018  4pm- 5:30pm @ Green Lake Public Library 

7364 E Green Lake Dr N. Seattle, WA 98115

Open Mic included


Have a Tao Day.

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