April is National Poetry Month: Hear Francine Walls & Griffith H. Williams @ Green Lake Public Library, Seattle.


Green Lake Branch Seattle Public Library
7364 E Greenlake Dr. N,
Seattle, WA 98115
4:00pm to 5:30pm


Francine Walls: enjoys traveling & living in places as diverse as Wales & Botswana.  Her poems appear in Pontoon, Ekphrasis, damselfly press, Avocet, Strange Poetry among others, the writing text, Writing Across Cultures, & the anthology, Peace Poets (Volume 2).

cropped-7283845_orig.jpgGriffith H. Williams: Within his one-man shop, East Point West Press, Williams uses an antique letterpress and linoleum block carvings to produce limited run chapbooks of original poetry. Freedom of the press being his, he has brought out twenty-five books in as many years. A recent volume is Philosophers’ Bones, a dialogue between the bones of Voltaire and Rousseau, and his latest book is his first book-length prose work, Cosmic Conjugation, akin to an adult version of Bullfinch’s Mythology. His newest volume is Achaean Songs. From these pages spring poems of Spartan warriors, Sappho, Socrates.

cropped-7283845_orig.jpg   Hosted by Rayn Roberts for PoetsWest.  There is always an Open Mic at this reading which is very quiet, well lit, the perfect venue for poetry. 


“Spring arrives to help the Ancient Mother write her best poetry.” 
Rayn Roberts

Have a Tao Day.

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