Rayn is not his real name. Oh my!

I gave myself my name after my Dad complained bitterly that he didn’t like some poetry I’d published:
D: “You published THIS…..in the FAMILY name!?”   
R:”We aren’t the Rockefellers or the Kennedys, Dad, nobody knows our name.”  
D: “But I know.”  He said grimly.
R: “Ok, Dad, what if I took a pen name?  Would that make you happy?”  
D: “You would do that?” he asked, 
R: “Yes, if it will shut you up.” I swiped back.  
 Rayn Nightly
 Willamett River Eugene
I found it by a literal stroke of luck:


I was typing the word, “ray” one day and typed an extra letter “n” on the end by mistake….. rayn … I had to stop and look at it.  Rayn, Rayn, got a nice ring to it.  Later I found it was an old Irish name, so I took it since I’m pretty Irish, too.
Celtic Tree of Life
I’m very Scandinavian due to the Norsemen spreading their genes in that part of the world and everywhere else . In fact I am mostly Norseman (23 & Me…sd do), but the  interesting thing is that I’m .08%  Ashkenazi Jew a descendants of Jews who migrated into northern France and Germany around 800–1000, and later into Eastern EuropeWormsjews
And I’ve got 263 genetic variants of Neanderthal!!    Ugh, leave mark cave wall, me poet…
So, no, I didn’t hatch out of a dragon egg even if some people say I did.  I’m a 20th – 21st cent. guy with all the techie gadgets, elation and confusion of anyone living at this remarkable time in human history.  
Please use my pen name at readings & anywhere else I go.  I want to simplify by changing my name, but my Dad might grumble in heaven.  Here are pics of my father and mother. 

Web of Karma

Welcome to the Web of Life.

2019-06-08 2019-06-08 001 062

Green and Blueimages (3)

Photos of Rayn Roberts by Rayn Roberts download Rayn Roberts.


6 thoughts on “Rayn is not his real name. Oh my!

  1. “Ugh, leave mark cave wall, me poet” LOVE this line! LOL

    Skål to my fellow Viking! Rayn is a fine name and perfectly suits you 🙂


      1. Rayn…. rain…. is indiscriminate where it falls. It just is, and always will be free falling like words on a page. It begins with one drop, like a word, becomes a verse, a stanza, and then, finally a piece of poetry. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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