A Truth You May Have Forgotten

There is a moment before the sound the Great Om, Before Siva turned on one foot Before Krishna was blue and Tara green, Before the making of Lucifer, the heavenly war The gravity of heaven and the drifting fire of hell Before the holy breath blew into Man Before Adam’s dream of Eve Before Cain […]

The Wave & The Wind

Rikuzentakata Ôfunato Kuji swept away No trace they were ever there Otsuchi Miyako Yamada Sôma Namie Minamisôma Onagawa Kesennuma Natori Ishinomaki gone, The earth gave and the sea Has taken away Banda Ache Two hundred thirty thousand Gone in the Indian Ocean wave. I am thinking of Phuket on Boxing Day The waters receding so […]

The Ears of Seongjin Castle

In the last light of March, under cherry trees as large as the oak Near the tomb of those lost in the battle of Seongjin Castle, yet another tale of the cruelty and kindness of men… The Japanese hacked off the noses and ears of the dead took them home, proof a battle won, souvenirs […]